1. Speak with your Home University

First you need to contact the Erasmus Coordinator at your home University to express your interest in studying at the Ecole Superieure Billieres. Your home University needs to recommend you as a student; you cannot apply without the authorisation of your home University.

  1. Wait for us to contact you

Once we have received confirmation from your home University, we will send to the Erasmus coordinator the Erasmus application form to complete. You should tell us at this stage if you are not an EU/EEA citizen so that we can help you prepare for the visa process.

  1. Complete the application form

Return the application form, with supporting documents, to the Billieres Erasmus Team :

  1. Receive Billieres confirmation email

Once we have received your application form, it will be sent to the relevant departments for approval. You will receive a confimation email or letter from our Admissions Office offering you a place at Billieres as an Erasmus student.

  1. Arrange your visa/entry clearance

Non-EU citizens only:arrange your visa EU/EEA students, move to step 6. (below)

  1. Apply for accommodation

You can apply for University (CROUS) accommodation as soon as you receive your Billieres confirmation email. You can apply following the advice in your confirmation email.

  1. Register for the International Students’ Welcome Programme

We strongly encourage all semester 1 and full year students to take part in the International Students’ Welcome Programme (ISWP), which takes place in September.  There is a shorter Welcome Programme every January, for semester 2 students.

  1. Arrive!

Make the necessary arrangements with your Home University for your modules and Erasmus funding. Plan your travel to Toulouse and then make your way here!